4 Ways Video Can Benefit Your Ministry

Media is evolving at a quick rate, and with the evolution of cell phone cameras offering HD video, pictures or a graphic won’t necessarily help your church stand out on social media.  According to a recent survey by Animoto, 4 times as many users would rather watch a video about a product than reading about it(1).

Video content has a lot of potential to be useful to your ministry and here are just a few its applications:

1) Testimonial Videos

A church member’s story of life change has a greater degree of authenticity than any degree of self-promotion your church could do. People love a good story, and all you have to do is tell a story that says something like this, “My life before this church was ______, I found out about _______, this church has made my life better by _______”.

At Fellowship, we had no idea of the power of a good testimony video.  We shared a video that was far too long, had terrible production quality compared to what we do now, but our social media following jumped up by over 200 people in the matter of a because of people who watched that video.  Why was the video effective, despite all of its cosmetic flaws? It told a great story of a former meth addict turning his life around after meeting Christ.

2) Highlighting and Promoting Annual Events

How do churches traditionally celebrate what happened at a big event? Usually, they have all of the volunteers stand up and give them an obligatory round of applause.  What better way to celebrate an Easter Sunday, Vacation Bible School, or a week of camp than a short video that highlights what happened, who served, and who was impacted by your event?

This is my favorite part about church highlight videos: Once you take the time to create a great highlight film, you can then turn around and use it the next year for promotion! You can also use that same footage when advertising your church in other contexts.

3) Announcement Videos

Let’s face it: nobody wants to hear the 3-minute list of announcements after sitting through a 40-minute sermon.  One way to freshen up one of the “deadest” times in a church service is to simply give your announcements by way of a video.  Not to mention, people would much rather give an announcement in front of a camera where they can do multiple takes than stand in front of a crowd of people.

Trying to give out information about an upcoming event at your church on social media? Use an announcement video! People will listen to an entire 45-second video before they ever click the “read more” button on your post.

Pro Tip: Don’t use a green screen.  It’s a church announcement video, use your church as the background! No church I’ve seen has managed to make a green screen video look professional.

4) Livestream

We live in a livestream age where any smartphone can be a livestream camera. Ever wonder why all of those pesky Facebook sales people always do live video? Facebook gives high priority to livestreamed content during and after the streaming, so this is a great way to get your posts to the top of your follower’s feed!

Video is a tool that your church can really leverage for God’s glory. Find somebody (or be that somebody) who loves using a camera, invest in their training and equipment, and watch how video can help your church stand out in your community.

Bonus: Ready to start using video to help your ministry, but not sure what equipment you’ll need? I’ve assembled common sense reviews of gear I’m familiar with here at kit.com/mikecollins. I have gear recommendations for beginner and advanced video creators.

(1) https://animoto.com/blog/business/video-marketing-cheat-sheet-infographic/


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