Make the Most of Video Content

I’ve recently written two posts about how someone can get started creating video content for their church. As great of a medium as a video is to spread your message, I am also learning that a video alone is not enough to make a difference in spreading your church’s message. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s important that churches do everything in their power to leverage a video that brings in as much traffic as possible to their church.

Here are some simple ways that churches can better promote their videos:

  1. Create a Share-To-Win Giveaway

By offering a reward you can better boost engagement with your videos and influence more sharing. The reward does not have to be something expensive or grand: it could be a simple gift card! Make sure the reward is great enough that people will want to share your post to win the prize.

  1. “Comment Below”

By suggesting that users “comment below” your video, you are guaranteed some direct engagement with your post. It helps to give viewers a certain prompt for the comment section below the video. It also helps to give a shout-out and reply to people who do comment below just to show your appreciation and that you took their answers seriously!

  1. Boost

Many social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer services for post boosting. By boosting a post you are expanding the reach and inviting more eyes to look at your video. Boosting can be as little as $1 a day on Facebook.

  1. Use a Call to Action

A Call to Action prompts the audience to do something. This can be signing up for an email newsletter to begin a relationship, a link to visit your church website, or a call to register for an event. By directing your audience to a “next step” you can take advantage of a powerful video marketing tool!

Whatever you do with your video, make it as easy as possible for the audience and customer to interact with it. Sharing a video is not enough – but then again, don’t underestimate the power of simply asking your audience to share it, either!



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