Signs Your Church Needs a New Logo

Your logo is often the first impression that potential visitors have of your church, so it’s important to make sure that the logo you have for your business is up-to-date and will represent your business well. Too many churches are content with an outdated logo that was designed by an amateur graphic designer, which inevitably gives the impression that their church is outdated and out-of-touch.

But how do you know if your logo is out of date if you’re not a graphic designer? Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to consider a rebrand from a professional.

YOUR LOGO ISN’T IN VECTOR FORMAT (It sometimes looks pixelated)

A logo file should look clean and professional, regardless of its size.  If your logo looks pixelated when you stretch it to fit a larger flyer or billboard, then that means your designer failed to give you a vector logo!  On the other hand, a vector file doesn’t become pixelated, no matter how large you stretch it.  Years ago, it was common for logos to be designed in applications that didn’t produce vector files, which means that many churches today are left with logos that can’t be used on larger print items.

Your logo is a vector format if you have it in these file formats:

  • .ai
  • .pdf
  • .eps

Your logo is pixel-based if you only have it in these file formats:

  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .psd


This one is a little more tricky, so I’ve given you some specific traits to watch out for:

  • Your logo is overly crowded.   Crowded designs fail to do the one thing your logo should do: identify your brand quickly to someone’s eye.
  • Your logo has a drop shadow.  Drop shadows were cool in 1999, but in 2018, they are about as cool as a full-grown, nappy mullet.
  • Your logo is only text. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but it is standard to have an icon that identifies your brand without the use of text.


  • Your logo doesn’t need to have a cross or bible.  Nike’s logo isn’t a shoe, Coca-Cola doesn’t incorporate a soda bottle, and Apple’s logo doesn’t include a computer. It’s not bad to have a cross or bible, but forcing those into a logo often makes it look the church down the street.
  • Color choice doesn’t matter.  Your logo needs to use a color palette that fits your location and looks professional.  The color palette for a church in Hawaii should probably look different from a church located in Kansas.

These are just a few thoughts that can guide you to do a rebrand. I would encourage every church out there to seriously ask themselves these questions:

  1. Is it important to me that our church has a professional representation on all of our print and web material?
  2. Based on what I’ve read, is it likely that the church I lead needs a rebrand?

***It is my opinion that every church should have their branding handled through Stephen Houk Designs (  As someone who does graphic design work for my own church and for local businesses, I am confident that he is one of the best I’ve seen at church branding work, for a fraction of the cost of other professionals on his level.



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