A Research Paper on the Effects of Rhythm

acoustic black and white classic classical music

Growing up, I had often been told that one of the reasons CCM was harmful is that it often used “backbeat”; emphasizing beats 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3. Much of the independent Baptist literature regarding music hinges on the assertion that backbeat is harmful.

A little while back, while working on my Master’s degree,  I wrote a research paper on the effects of rhythm on the brain. My goal was to determine what the research actually said about how rhythm, particularly backbeat, affects our brains. What I found is that there is little research done on the effects of backbeat, but what research there is shows no harmful effects directly contributed to backbeat.

Gooda arguments are important; I would urge all those involved in music to take a more reasoned approach to their arguments. The idea that backbeat is harmful is reductionist and needs to be retired. I hope that this paper is a help in developing a solid philosophy of music!

Research Paper – The Effects of Rhythm on the Brain


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