6 Great Places to Find Sheet Music

person holding pen leaning on table

Finding sheet music is hard! It can be difficult to find good arrangements, especially if you’re looking for something that isn’t a choral arrangement, like a quartet or trio. As a music director, I’ve found some good resources for finding sheet music. Here are my favorites:

  1. RevivalSong.org

RevivalSong is a website created and run by my home church in Stillwater, OK. Pastor Wayne Hardy has a passion for providing high-quality, conservative sheet music to churches. What I love about RevivalSong is the quality of songs, as well as the ease in purchasing. You can purchase physical or digital copies! They primarily have choral arrangements, but you can also find music for soloists, quartets, and trios. The library is quickly growing, but I would still like to see some more songs available, especially non-choral pieces.

2. MusicNotes.com

MusicNotes is great because it has a fairly wide selection of songs available. They do both secular and Christian music, but I think you will be surprised by the library of good songs they have available. The arrangements are almost all solos, and very simply arranged. That makes it a great resource for less experienced singers, but don’t expect to find the most dynamic arrangements. MusicNotes offers all their music digitally, including a few print copies. You cannot directly download a PDF (although you could print to a PDF maker). Instead, you access your digital copies through their proprietary app. One great benefit to their app is that you can transpose keys on the fly!

3. SheetMusicPlus.com

Here’s another site that primarily deals in choral music. I don’t use this site as much, simply because my church is not large enough to have a choir. They do have an excellent selection of songs, and great arrangements. The only downside is that most of the songs are not available as digital copies.

4. MajestyMusic.com

Home of Patch the Pirate! MajestyMusic does have some excellent music available, including some free digital copies of their songs.

5. daywind.com

Daywind is the label that’s used by many popular Southern Gospel groups like The Booth Brothers, Legacy Five, and Brian Free & Assurance. They have sheet music of many popular songs! You can easily purchase digital copies, so this is a surprisingly good resource.

6. HeartlandBaptist.edu

The online bookstore for Heartland Baptist Bible College allows you to purchase arrangements of almost every song sung by their ladies trio and mens quartet. This makes it an excellent resource for finding music arranged for groups! There is a large variety of quality arrangements, which can be purchased digitally, or shipped in the mail.

Finding good music isn’t always easy, but I’ve developed a list of resources throughout the years! Hopefully this short list makes it a little easier. 


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