Event Idea: Youth Recharge

The most amazing thing about being in the ministry for me has been seeing God work in our teenagers and watch them grow in their walk with Him! Through our regular class time, as well as activities, youth rallies, conferences, and camps, we try to make spiritual growth the focus of our ministry. Throughout the … Continue reading Event Idea: Youth Recharge

Get More Done

Everyone seems to share this common problem: we feel like we don't have enough time to give our best to our God-given areas of responsibilities.  That's the case if you're in full-time ministry, a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, a plumber, or a high school student.  All of us know the feeling of being behind on … Continue reading Get More Done

Four Tips for Effective Bivocational Ministry

I have the blessing of working as the youth director at my church. When I moved to Fritch over two years ago, I started teaching the youth Sunday School class, organizing activities, as well as other responsibilities outside of the youth group. It’s been a blessing to see a number of teenagers come to know … Continue reading Four Tips for Effective Bivocational Ministry

Four Fiction Books You Should Read

One of the first articles I wrote for The Ministry Wire was “Four Reasons You Should Read Fiction”. It seems like fiction often gets overlooked, even by avid readers. I get it; we all have limited time with a lot of demands. “I can’t read everything, so why use my valuable time reading a novel?” … Continue reading Four Fiction Books You Should Read

A Biblical View of Tradition

It seems that in recent days, traditions have been held in a negative light. We don’t have to look far to see that traditions are being cast by the wayside. Activities that have been happening for decades are being labeled as “old-fashioned” before being thrown out the door without a second thought. Though I am … Continue reading A Biblical View of Tradition

A Christian view of the Alt-Right

Introduction A woman was murdered on August 11. The murder weapon was a car, driven at high speed into a crowd of people gathered to protest the “Unite the Right” rally held in Charlottesville, VA. Tensions had been rising between those at the rally and the protesters, finally culminating in a vehicular murder that killed … Continue reading A Christian view of the Alt-Right

4 Steps to Better Bible Reading

Church isn't enough.  You can only become the Christian that God intends you to be once you get serious about daily Bible reading.   If you're like me, though, you've had your fair share of times that you've tried to read the Bible but never seemed to "get anything out of it".  Trust me, I've … Continue reading 4 Steps to Better Bible Reading

Dealing with Conflict

From almost the beginning of this world, conflict has been present. When man conflicted with God in the garden, to a couple of weeks ago when my wife and I didn’t see eye to eye, conflict has reared its ugly head in the face of peace and tranquility. Conflict affects every person. From the youngest … Continue reading Dealing with Conflict

The Born Identity

Several weeks ago, Charles wrote a great post about why church camp matters. I wanted to echo his thoughts by sharing how the Lord worked at our camp two weeks ago! Our theme this year was The Born Identity. Identity is a very important concept in the cultural zeitgeist. Sexual identity, gender identity, racial identity…it’s … Continue reading The Born Identity