God’s Dwelling Place

There's just something about coming home. Whether after a tiresome day of work, or a less than relaxing family vacation, the feeling you get when you walk into your home is almost indescribable. This has been especially true in my life. On multiple occasions, I can remember thinking to myself, ā€œIā€™m home.ā€ The sense of … Continue reading God’s Dwelling Place

What to do When God Seems Silent

In every relationship, communication is an important key to success- communication between a husband and wife, a parent and child, a boss and employee, a pastor and the congregation, friend to friend. In every relationship, communication plays a vital role. Misunderstandings happen often because of a lack of communication. An employee may not accomplish a … Continue reading What to do When God Seems Silent

Thorns: How God Uses our Trials for Good

Have you thrown away something useless...and then realized later that you needed it? I have. I do it all the time! I find myself looking for notes from a class that I threw away, because I was sure that I'd NEVER need them. It turns out I did need them! I always seem to find … Continue reading Thorns: How God Uses our Trials for Good