Make the Most of Video Content

I've recently written two posts about how someone can get started creating video content for their church. As great of a medium as a video is to spread your message, I am also learning that a video alone is not enough to make a difference in spreading your church's message. What do I mean by … Continue reading Make the Most of Video Content

4 Ways Video Can Benefit Your Ministry

Media is evolving at a quick rate, and with the evolution of cell phone cameras offering HD video, pictures or a graphic won’t necessarily help your church stand out on social media.  According to a recent survey by Animoto, 4 times as many users would rather watch a video about a product than reading about … Continue reading 4 Ways Video Can Benefit Your Ministry

Reach More with your Church Facebook Page

For centuries, every culture has had a central place for people to socialize, buy and sell, and share ideas. In ancient Greek culture, it was the agora. In 2017, most commerce, socializing, and idea-sharing happens on Facebook. Entire companies and industries stake their success on the ability to connect with customers on Facebook (I'm referring … Continue reading Reach More with your Church Facebook Page

Five Tools for Ministry

I love lists. I also like finding new tools, apps, and services that help me expand my ministries! I'm often reading lists of people's favorite Ministry apps and services, and I frequently find some things that I'm able to incorporate myself. Here are some of the tools I've found most helpful: 1. Planning Center Online … Continue reading Five Tools for Ministry